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Mini Memoir: Halle & Steven

Mini Memoir: Halle & Steven
photography by olivia markle

“The little things that go wrong in life don’t matter as much because you know what’s important to you & that you’ll have someone to be there for you through the good and bad.”


Names and current city of residence:

Halle Kearney & Steven Marincel / Phoenix, AZ


When was your wedding day? 

August 8th, 2020 in Paradise Valley, Montana


What did you enjoy most about being engaged?

Halle: Knowing that we were making an official commitment and that we would be lifetime partners. It was also so much fun celebrating with friends and family — just such an exciting time!

Steven: It was comforting to know that I was going to be with Halle forever.

What event do you remember best from your engagement? 

H: Getting our engagement pictures taken in Sedona. It was snowing, which is super rare in Sedona, so the pictures were gorgeous. Also, little did we know that we’d be moving to Arizona a few months later for Steven’s residency! It was just meant to be. 

S: Halle drinking a littttttle too much the night of our engagement and being so hungover that she didn’t even tell anyone the next day! Ha! 


When you were engaged, what were you most looking forward to on the wedding day/weekend? 

H: Getting to be in my favorite place in the world (Montana) with my closest friends, family and pups to witness our commitment to each other. 

S: Getting to say my vows in front of our families and friends and getting to see Halle in her dress for the first time.

What traditions did you carry through to your wedding, or what traditions did you start yourselves?

H: I honestly don’t think we kept any traditions or really created any! We just wanted to make the day our own. 

S: The idea of returning to Montana each summer with our friends since we all had so much fun. 




Describe one or two memories or moments that you remember most from your wedding celebration.

H: Steven pledging to live in Montana during our vows and seeing his reaction to our first look. It is something I’ll cherish forever. 

S: Taking sunset photos together and ending the night with all of our friends in the hot tub. 



What is one way you made your wedding “your own”?

H: I could name 1,000 things here!!! First, it was in Montana because we both love the outdoors and it’s my favorite place ever. We also incorporated a ton of Buddhist prayers and traditions as that’s what I am the closest aligned to. We also hauled 2 huge crystals to be at our side during the ceremony because I love geodes!! 

We brought our dogs and incorporated them into our big day a ton. We also got a vegan huckleberry lavender cake which is quite unique. We both mentioned goop in our wedding vows which was pretty hilarious. 

What is one thing you learned about one other during your marriage thus far?

H:  It honestly doesn’t feel any different (in a good way). We knew each other so well beforehand. It has, however, taught me so much about myself and has changed my perspective. Since being married, I’ve learned that the little things that go wrong in life don’t matter as much — like losing touch with an old friend or having a bad day — because you know what’s important to you and that you’ll have someone to be there for you through the good and bad. I’m thankful that I’ve known Steven very well for a long time before our marriage. And he agrees!



What is one piece of advice you would give to currently engaged couples?

H: Don’t get married during a pandemic if you don’t want to be super stressed ;) Ha! In all honesty, really think about the size of the wedding that you want. We had 1/3 of the people who originally said yes actually attend due to COVID, but in many ways I’m thankful for that. I would have been overwhelmed with more than the 50 people we had. Knowing your personality type (if you like big groups or not when you are the center of attention) is really important — you obviously want to enjoy your big day!!

Get married where/how/when you want. Don’t let family dictate your decisions. This is such a special and intimate day for you — be the driver of your choices! 

Lastly, spend the money for a good photographer and videographer! It is so worth it — it’s cliche but it really does fly by and you want to remember everything. 

S: Find what is important to your partner and focus on that. 

Anything else you’d like to share about your story?

H: When Steven and I first met, I was a few weeks out from moving to Montana and taking a long road trip. I barely knew him, so the thought of us even dating, let alone ending up together made zero sense. Yet, here we are today. Just remember that if and when something is meant to work out, it will. Don’t get me wrong — if you really love someone you’ll have to make sacrifices and it might require some work — but it will work out and be seamless. 

Also, as lame as it sounds, you’ll know you’re with the right person when you feel motivated to better yourself. I really thought when people said that it was total BS, but it’s true. I’m a completely different partner to Steven than I have been to anyone else I’ve dated. You really will step up your game for the right person!

Once you know these things, you’ll know you’re with the right person. 



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