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Celebrate National Wellness Month with Season

August is National Wellness Month, and I am so excited to add this to the list of reasons why I love this time of year. At Season, we talk a lot about relationship health and wellness. But what really precedes this is self care and your wellness.

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8 Ways to Make a Friend’s Day

I’ve heard the advice that whenever you feel caught up in a spiral of your own problems, do something for someone else. When we feel uncertain about a myriad of things in life, take your focus outside of yourself and look to your people. My hope is that you will find some joy in doing something for someone else.  

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Isolation, loneliness, and how to deal

I recently read The New York Times Bestseller Lost Connections by Johann Hari. Put simply, Hari breaks down causes of depression and ways in which to go about solving it. As someone who has worked alone in my businesses for the better part of the last three years, the chapter on loneliness held some answers for me. 

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