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The Season Blog — mindfulness

Why You Should Have a Full Weekend Wedding

Shelby Kirchner, owner of Plan On It, a wedding planning company in Austin, is an advocate for adding more quality, intentional moments with your guests to your wedding by planning a full wedding weekend. Here’s how.

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Journal Prompts for the Year Ahead

Take time to answer a few short questions for the year ahead to plan your year with intention. Then, check in each season with a few more short questions to guide you through challenge, change, vitality and reflection.

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Journal Prompts for your Year End Reflection

The Season Team shares their collection of journal prompts for reflecting on the past year. Look back on how 2021 went for you, so you can start planning 2022 with a clear perspective on where you want to go next year. 

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A Note of Gratitude

Founder Annette Furio shares gratitude for all those who make up the Season Community and how they illuminate Season with each act of support, word of kindness, and sharing of their own stories.

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How to Reclaim Your Health & Wellbeing: Part 2

In part two of our wellness series, Certified Health Coach Julie Ohlemacher gives us five ways we can change our mindset around exercise so we can unlock all of the physical, mental and emotional life-giving benefits it offers. 

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