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The Season Blog — mini memoirs

Mini Memoir: Eunice & Christopher

“We are most looking forward to evolving our love for each other. Although we envisioned a grand celebration with our loved ones, the most important thing is our marriage, not the big wedding.”

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Mini Memoir: Emma & Matt

“Personalizing our big day was a huge priority for us. We wrote the entire ceremony ourselves, as well as our vows, and asked Matt’s sister’s husband to officiate. We also were very intentional about all of our music selections, ensuring that they really reflected our tastes and personalities.”

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Mini Memoir: Brandon & Melissa

“Treat your wedding like the most fun project you've ever worked on together. Lean on each other and make it a joint effort. It is basically a huge team-building exercise that can help you figure out how to work well together for years to come!”

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Mini Memoir: Jamie & Jeff

“It was really the first time we worked so hard on something together and I think it was a great experience and another step to building our relationship.”

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