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20 Ideas for Showing Love, for Every Love Language

20 Ideas for Showing Love, for Every Love Language
written by Season Journals

Love languages convey the ways in which a person feels most loved. Someone’s love language represents how their cup gets filled — how they feel love from others most deeply. It’s important to note that not everyone has the same love language. Just like personality traits, every individual has a unique combination of things that move them and make them feel loved and appreciated. You may even have more than one love language!

It’s also important to recognize that your love language may not be the same as your partner’s. While it can be challenging to find joy in doing something you may not feel the same amount of love or satisfaction with, try to adopt the attitude that love can be selfless and unconditional. Share it abundantly, knowing that your partner and your relationship will be strengthened by it.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 ideas, organized by love language, for showing love this month and throughout the year. 

Words of Affirmation

1. Write a Love Letter
The love letter is a time-tested gesture of love that’s perfect for those who appreciate words of affirmation most from their partner. Set aside some time and pen a letter to your valentine. Speak from your heart and use this framework if you need a starting point. Focus on your partner and what you love about them, then show your gratitude for them, and finally end with sharing your thoughts about your love together.

2. Give a Valentine’s Day Card
Write your loved one a Valentine’s Day Card…after all, giving and receiving cards has long been part of the modern day tradition. Stop by your local stationery store to pick up a nice greeting card, or get out the paper, scissors, and glue and have some fun making a Valentine by hand.

3. Adopt from the Poetry Pros
If words aren’t your strong suit, but you’ve found yourself with a Words of Affirmation partner, go ahead and borrow from the experts. Do a search for love poetry and find one that you think will resonate with your partner. It’s the essence of the thought and time spent that counts!

4. Leave Little Love Notes
Throughout the week of Valentine’s Day, leave little notes of affection and love around your home. The surprise of receiving each little note is a gift that keeps on giving! Use scrap paper, post-it notes, or small stationery. 


Acts of Service

    5. Make a Grand Gesture
    Depending on how your partner handles surprises, consider completing an extra-special task in a big way, then surprising them with a big reveal. The size, price, and scope is up to you, but consider something that leaves a big visual impact. 

      6. Give them a Day Off
      Anything on their plate, take over for them for a day. Errands, meals, kid duties, household duties — for one day, tell them you’ll do it all. Let them relax, go out with friends, or choose how to spend their time. Bonus points if you give them a full weekend “off”! 

        7. Take the Lead
        Is there a task that seems to have completely stalled out? No one is really moving forward on it…but it has to get done…eventually? Now is a great time to take the lead. Especially if it has caused a rift in your relationship. Make the move and get it done!

          8. Support in Daily Tasks
          Offer assistance with daily tasks that your partner may find challenging or time-consuming. This could include helping them with work-related tasks, organizing their schedule, or providing emotional support during a busy or stressful period. Showing that you are there to support them with daily, sometimes mundane tasks, can be of great service.

            Receiving Gifts

            9. Give the Marriage Journal
            The Marriage Journal is the perfect gift for the sentimental person who not only loves to have deep conversations, but who also would appreciate a keepsake that documents your relationship. It’s a timeless Valentine’s gift that won’t go out of style — and one you can make completely your own by writing your love story. 

              10. Give Cut Flowers
              Flowers are classic for a reason. If your person loves a bouquet of flowers, get them the flowers — or they will themselves (cue Miley Cyrus)! Always remember to support your local flower shop, like Sweet Blossom Floral in Columbus, Ohio, when you can!

                11. Give a Plant
                Instead of giving cut flowers, a houseplant is a nice option that will (hopefully) last longer than a bouquet. Every time they water it, they’ll know it was a gift from the one they love. Plus, you’ll reap the positive benefits of having a plant in your environment.

                  12. Give a Specialty Food
                  While many people enjoy choosing experiences over physical gifts, you can still give a physical gift that doesn’t take up extra space in the house — food! Order their favorite food for dinner, or order a specialty item from another location like oysters from Maine or oranges from Florida.  

                    Quality Time

                    13. Play Hooky
                    Time is the ultimate luxury for someone who feels most loved through spending quality time with their partner. If you can pull it off, take the day off work and spend the entire day together. Whether you indulge in simple pleasures like coffee and a walk, or plan a big day-trip (or both!), it’s sure to be a day you won’t soon forget.

                      14. Try Something New Together
                      Trying a novel activity can be a memorable experience that brings you closer through the act of doing something you haven’t done before. Trying something new or putting yourself in a different situation can also be a fun way to learn a little more about yourselves. 

                        15. Allow for Extra Time
                        Is it possible to book the babysitter an extra hour or two? Head to another destination instead of heading home after one? Extend an event you already have planned to give your partner just a little extra time. And don’t forget to put away the phone to give them the highest quality quality time.

                          16. Have your Regular Date Night
                          Are you a regular at the local pizza shop? Attend jazz night at the bar? Have board game Thursdays? If quality time is your love language, you likely have a few things you normally do together. There’s nothing wrong with continuing the ritual and doing those “regular things” all throughout the month.

                            Physical Touch

                            17. Plan a Staycation
                            Sometimes it can seem impossible to find the time and mindset to be intimate when there are pets to care for, kids to spend time with, or chores to do. If the budget allows, plan an “offsite” at a local boutique hotel or bed and breakfast. Changing up your location can help you focus on that quality time and physical touch, without having to take a full vacation.

                            18. Plan a Vacation
                            In the event that you want to plan a full vacation — by all means, please do! Plan a trip with the intention of physical intimacy — whatever that means for you and your partner. 

                            19. Hug for 10 Seconds
                            Before you depart on your daily routines, hug your partner for 10 seconds. It might feel long when you’re used to a quick hug and kiss goodbye (or nothing at all — it’s the morning rush after all!). However, this moment will give you a moment to pause, breathe in your partner’s scent and experience feelings of safety and calm.

                            20. Remove Phones from the Bedroom
                            It’s easy to roll over and turn to the phone before you fall asleep. For a week, try leaving the phone out of your bed and bedroom and see what happens. Perhaps physical touch and a more intimate bond will be the result. 

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