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Destination Weddings and ‘The Experience’

Destination Weddings and ‘The Experience’
Written by Lauren Schoenborn of Beautifully Born Events
Photography by Troy Meikle Photography

“Our couples desire to create a wedding experience their guests are sure not to forget, and one that stands out among the rest.”

“A staggering 74 percent of Americans prioritize experiences over products,” according to Blake Morgan on Forbes.com. Numerous studies have shown that millennials value creating memories through events such as traveling abroad or sharing an exotic meal with friends versus accumulating things. The majority of couples currently getting married are included in, or surrounded by the millennial generation and seem to have this mindset.

That is where I come into play! I am in the business of creating the ultimate wedding experience for you and your guests — wherever that might be.

In just three years of operating Beautifully Born Events in Bozeman, Montana, I have noticed that more than an astounding 90 percent of my wedding clients live out-of-state (i.e. New York, California, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, etc.). These individuals all have more in common than they realize. They desire to create a wedding experience their guests are sure not to forget, and one that stands out among the rest. Some of my couples have previously visited Montana, while others have discovered this enchanting setting via social media, word of mouth, or on episodes of Yellowstone. Regardless of the reasoning behind how our brides and grooms stumbled upon the Rocky Mountain region as home to their big day, they are here, and we are loving it!


Beautifully Born Events Bozeman Montana Wedding


If you are contemplating hosting a destination wedding, please do not let it intimidate you. And do not let COVID-19 deter you from making your wedding dreams a reality. All of us small business owners in the wedding industry are here to help and thoroughly enjoy the elopements and micro weddings that we are seeing more of these days.

Regardless of the budget, guest count, or number of vacation days taken to explore Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, the Dakotas or even Canada, coordinating companies such as BBE can be enlisted to help guide you through the planning process. Through our local expertise and connections, we serve as your ‘boots on the ground.’ We are able to give you the insider scoop on:

  • why we highly recommend destination weddings
  • what secret spots to utilize for a ceremony and/or reception
  • who else you should hire
  • when to host your celebration
  • where to send your guests exploring before or after the wedding day
  • how we incorporate YOU into an event design, while still tying in the special treasures offered by the location where you decide to say ‘I do!’

    Morgan reminds us that, “For millennials, the most important things in life are experiences and relationships.” Will your wedding be an experience for you, as well as for the relationships you have fostered over the years? I sure hope your answer is YES!


    About Beautifully Born Events 

    Modern elegance with a wild side! Wild with design, wild in spirit and one with the wild.

    Lauren Schoenborn, owner and operator of Beautifully Born Events, lives her life in ALL CAPS and firmly believes in making a bold statement, especially when it comes to curating elopements, weddings and private events.

    She and her team will be sure to bring your visions to life in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond!




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