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Discover your Wedding Priorities

Discover your Wedding Priorities
Written by Jeannene Jones-Rupert of Jeannene Lillie Events
Photography by Anna Laero Photography

“Once you know what you value most about your wedding day, it will be easier to make decisions.”

First off, let me start off by saying congratulations on your engagement! You have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with; that right there is worth celebrating! 

As you and your partner begin the wedding planning process, you will quickly realize that there is a whirlwind of decisions ahead of you both and so many different avenues to get to your end goal: a celebration with your loved ones to honor your love — a wedding! 

Before you head down the Pinterest rabbit hole or begin reaching out to all of your married friends and family for advice, we suggest you take the opportunity to reflect with your partner and decide what your shared wedding priorities are. Once you know what you value most about your wedding day, it will be easier to make decisions, especially when it comes time to create your wedding budget! 


Jeannene Lillie Events


Here are a few prompts to help you begin to identify your wedding priorities: 

  1. What are your top three wedding must-haves? 

    This could be a specific location or venue, a type of food, or even a specific style of music or entertainment. Both partners may not have the same exact list, but that’s okay! Put down the top three for both partners if you find your list doesn’t overlap. 

  2. Describe the type of wedding you want using 3-5 adjectives.

    Describing the type of wedding you want to have might seem like it’s only focused on the aesthetics and design, but narrowing down the type of wedding you want and especially the size of wedding you want will help you as you begin searching for your venue and other vendors. 

    Ex: Intimate, Modern, Simple, Quirky, Glam, Whimsical, Beachy, Classic, Traditional, Etc.

  3. What do you want your experience as a couple to be on the wedding day? 

    Thinking about what type of experience you want to have on your wedding day can also help you to figure out what direction to go with in regards to vendors and also your guest list. For example, if you want to be stress-free and have a professional manage your wedding day, you will likely want to consider hiring a wedding coordinator. 

  4. And lastly, what do you want your guests’ experience to be on the wedding day? 

    Many people really want their guests to be able to enjoy themselves with good food, drinks, and music while they celebrate your love. In addition to that, maybe you want all of your guests to experience a personalized and sentimental touch to the day; so you include a handwritten note at each place setting. The sky really is the limit for ways to make your guests feel special!  

Now that you’ve spent some time reflecting on these prompts, we recommend utilizing the Intentional Planning section of The Engagement Journal. This section really compliments the prompts discussed here and further encourages couples to take a holistic approach when envisioning what you want their wedding experience to be! 

About Jeannene Lillie Events 

Jeannene Lillie Events

The JLE Team is committed to coordinating and designing inclusive and intentional events that celebrate the romantic and modern couple. Our ultimate goal when curating an event for our clients is to create an event that is so unique to them, when their guests arrive and they walk in they immediately exclaim, “Yup, this is so them!”

Jeannene Lillie Events is a wedding and event planning and design company. We are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and serve clients in Michigan, Pittsburgh, and Ohio. 

Jeannene Lillie Events | @jeannenelillieevents

Vendor Credits 

Photography: Anna Laero Photography
Watercolor Portrait: Lavender + Sea
Venue: Greencrest Manor



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