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Mini Memoir: Drew & Tara

Mini Memoir: Drew & Tara
Photography by Kelsey Walne Photography

“Knowing we are committed to spending the rest of our lives together has brought stability and so much fun in dreaming of the future.”

Names and current city of residence: Drew Sylvester and Tara Mick from Columbus, OH

When did you get engaged? August 9, 2020

What have you enjoyed most about being engaged?

Drew: I love the commitment aspect. It is a new phase of life where we have been able to dream and think of the future and imagine what building a home, a family, and how we will invest in relationships together. Knowing we are committed to spending the rest of our lives together has brought stability and so much fun in dreaming of the future.

Tara: We are together! Forever! There is so much security in knowing someone is committing their life to you. For me, it has been a constant picture of the safety God offers in relationship with him. He promises to be with me always and never leave me, even though He knows the entirety of me. Drew continues to express the same sentiments through his words and actions. Engagement has been a sweet season of treasuring this promise, both from God and Drew.


What are you most looking forward to during your engagement?

We have LOVED inviting our bridesmaids and groomsmen to join us in this season, on our wedding day, and beyond. These are the people who have most closely supported us, and it has been so fun to take individual time with each of them and share what they mean to us. We’re so excited to continue to spend time with these people for various events such as showers, flower construction, and bachelor & bachelorette parties.


What are you most looking forward to on the wedding day or wedding weekend celebration?

D: Having all our people together with us! Standing behind each of our lives are hundreds of relationships. People who have shaped Tara to be Tara, and me, me. Many of those people who shaped us individually are also the reason Tara and I met or have been our greatest supporters and advocates while we dated. They have encouraged us to love and sacrifice for one another, and to model our love after Jesus’s example. We can’t wait to celebrate with them all, and throughout the weekend and wedding day honor them as well through various actions, speeches, and gifts. We couldn’t be who we are together without all these friends and family!

T: The wedding day will mirror Christ being united to His Church. For this reason, I am most looking forward to the first time my eyes will meet Drew’s as I begin to walk down the aisle. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach as I anticipate being united with Drew. And to be surrounded by the people we love most in this world seems like the greatest treasure. We want everyone to know the love of God through our love and we pray our day will reflect Him in every way.


What memories or moments do you want to make sure you document?

As crazy of a season it has been, COVID has brought us together so closely! Much of our relationship has now been spent within the confines of masks and stay at home orders. In a unique way, we do want to remember these times. How we have learned to cook and bake together. How terrible of an artist Drew is. How much we enjoy puzzles. How Tara is better at Sudoku. Watching every Marvel movie. Reading every Narnia book out loud. And walking so much through our neighborhood that we feel creepy in how minute of differences we notice in strangers’ homes. We have spent countless hours together over these many months in quarantine and have redefined what it means to have fun together. Mostly it just means being together, in each other’s presence, trying new things, and communicating about the deep parts of our lives.


What is one thing you learned about one other during your engagement season thus far? 

D: Tara feels the most loved when I am adventurous and join her in things I wouldn’t naturally enjoy. Like foot masks, watching movies in alphabetical order, and creating color palettes for our wedding. 

T: Drew does not like naps! Who doesn’t like naps?! I’ve tried so hard, but he won’t budge.



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