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How to do a Mid-Year Personal Review

How to do a Mid-Year Personal Review
written by Annette Furio,
Founder + CEO, Season Journals

We have officially passed the midpoint of the calendar year! It’s the perfect time to check in with ourselves to take an assessment of how we’re doing on a variety of different levels. While your boss or employer may be taking time to review your professional development, it’s up to you to check in on your own mental wellness.

Below are 5 steps to creating a picture of present-day you. Let’s get started!

Step 1

Grab a journal or download and print our digital template. Draw a grid that has 4 quadrants. In the top left quadrant, write Fulfillment. In the top right quadrant, write Fun. In the bottom left, write Frustration. In the bottom right, write Fear. 

Step 2

In the Fulfillment quadrant, write a list of everything that has filled your cup this year, stream-of-conscious style. Just write the things that come to your mind freely. What things, people, or accomplishments have given you that warm feeling of fulfillment?

Step 3

In the Fun quadrant, write a list of everything that you’ve had fun with this year. It could be an event, an activity, a project, a trip, or a creative endeavor. Ask yourself when have you felt free and joyful and immersed in some good fun. Who were you with?

Step 4

In the Frustration quadrant, write a list of the things you have felt frustrated by this year. Maybe it’s a goal you can’t seem to make progress toward, or even begin. It could be a relationship that’s feeling tense. Where are you spinning your wheels? What feels hard when you think it should be easier? 

Step 5

In the Fear quadrant, write a list of everything that is keeping you up at night. Fear is a very real emotion that can hold us back from experiencing the holistic well-being we desire for ourselves. What is causing you feelings of fear? Naming your fears is a powerful exercise that is a good starting point for breaking them down and looking for deeper meaning within them.

As you look at your completed grid, see which quadrant is filled up the most. Which quadrant was the hardest for you to write? Which flowed from you the easiest? What do you need more of in your life? What will you work on overcoming? 

Use these newfound insights as a guide as you move forward this month and the rest of this year. 

About Annette

Annette is the Founder and CEO of Season Journals. She creates, writes, and designs guided journals for the seasons of our lives. She also publishes the Season blog and oversees marketing, sales, partnerships, and operations at Season. She has a true entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the intersection of business and people.

Photo by Lauren Pennington Photography

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  • Elisa

    Great 5 steps to to reflect on your life.
    Really helps see where you can improve on your everyday life situation.

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