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10+ Ideas for Incorporating Traditions into your Life 

10+ Ideas for Incorporating Traditions into your Life 
written by annette furio

“Traditions and the events surrounding them can be some of the best ways to make memories.”

Traditions are a simple yet powerful way to strengthen the bond between your partner, your friends, your family, or all of the above. As years of a friendship or marriage go by, it is so rewarding to start to see traditions come to life. Traditions and the events surrounding them can be some of the best ways to make memories.

At the same time, all traditions don’t need to last a lifetime. Some may serve you at a certain point in your life, while others you can sunset over time. The most important things are that you make them your own, share them with those you love, and truly enjoy them.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ideas for you to try. If you enjoy a certain thing, consider adding it to your life together as a tradition by making it happen annually or seasonally. 


  • Go to your favorite restaurant, cook a meal at home, or get your go-to takeout
  • Enjoy a celebratory beverage of your choice. If you enjoy wine, consider saving a special bottle for each anniversary.
  • Eat the same kind of dessert you had on your wedding day 
  • Listen to your first-dance song (and dance to it again!)
  • Look through your wedding and honeymoon photos 
  • Write down what you did in a journal and don’t forget to take some picture


  • Host an annual event with friends and / or family and make it “yours” 
    • Murder mystery party
    • Beer swap
    • Book club
    • Super Bowl party
    • Pool party
    • Clambake
    • Spring cleanup volunteer day
    • Holiday fundraiser
    • Movie night
    • Dinner party
    • Wine tasting
    • Karaoke
    • Game night
    • Cornhole tournament
    • Get creative…!


  • Travel to the same place or with the same people for certain holidays and special times during the year
  • Make a bucket list of places you’d like to travel and check one off each year
  • Schedule a set weekend each year or season for a couples or friends trip
  • If you found a place you love to stay (hotel, cabin, resort, house, etc.), book the same one each year
  • Consider returning to your honeymoon location(s)


What traditions do you have with your family, friends, or partner? We’d love to share your ideas. Add them in the comments below!


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