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5 Tips for Being the Best Wedding Guest

5 Tips for Being the Best Wedding Guest
written by Lia Mueller, owner Lia Mueller Weddings
photography by Taylor Ochoa

There’s just something about summer. The sun shines hotter, the days last longer, and the flowers bloom brighter.

It’s almost as if Mother Nature is daring us not to celebrate life, love, and happiness right along with her. And if you’re lucky enough to be a wedding guest this summer, you know the celebrations have only just begun!

Whether it’s your cousin, sister, college roommate, co-worker, or the friend you spent your childhood summers riding bikes with through the neighborhood, you have made such an impact in the newlyweds’ lives that they want you there on one of their most important days. When we think of it that way, we almost feel quite special and a bit honored, don’t we? And we should!

No matter the type of wedding — big or small, black-tie or casual, city or countryside, postponed or as-planned — you’ll be part of a palpable sense of excitement as everyone takes their seats and waits for the processional to begin. It’s the excitement that someone you love and care about is on the precipice of a wonderful, lifelong adventure.

So, as you prepare to raise a glass, catch a bouquet, and dance the night away, here are some things you can do to help make the newlywed’s big day, their best day. 

01 / Reference their wedding website

Your friends or family probably put quite a bit of time and detail into their wedding website. You can likely find helpful information such as lodging suggestions, directions, and possibly even a weekend itinerary, all on their website.

If you have to text the couple, the Maid of Honor or the wedding coordinator with a question, don’t feel bad! Just be sure to check the website for answers first. Another good rule of thumb is to refrain from reaching out to the couple the week of the wedding, which will be their busiest time. Try to direct your questions to their wedding planner or someone in the wedding party.

Couples photography on beach

02 / Book Travel ASAP

Both domestic and international travel (particularly to Europe) are expected to boom this summer! So, whether you have a stateside or international wedding to attend, you’ll want to make reservations and book flights and rental cars as soon as possible. Who else is beyond ready to do some traveling and celebrating again?!

P.S. – The Fourth of July is expected to be the busiest of the summer holidays for travel!


03 / Sign the guestbook

Creative guestbooks will continue to be a trend this year! Chances are, the soon-to-be newlyweds took time to come up with something unique for their guests. I have seen traditional books, little wooden hearts that drop into a big acrylic heart, a guitar, and much more! Not only is it fun for you to leave a message, but the couple will absolutely love reading them. So be sure to contribute to this piece that the couple will keep forever!

 Wedding photos chapel

04 / Head to the dance floor!

Ask a couple about one of their biggest reception fears? No one on the dance floor. Show your family and friends — and the DJ or band — some love by showing off your best dance moves. Even better? Encourage people to come with you! All the newlyweds really want to see is the people they love having fun — and nothing says fun quite like dancing!


05 / Participate in the grand exit

Have the newlyweds planned a grand exit? If you are able, try to stay for it! We all want the classic sparkler photo to include a lot of lights, but more than that, the couple just wants to see that all the special moments they planned are enjoyed by their loved ones, just as much as they hoped.


This season, even through the logistics of plane tickets, Airbnb reservations, and finding the perfect outfits to match your plus-one, I encourage you to see these days and celebrations for what they truly are — a beautiful tradition, rooted in the celebration of love and friendships we spend so much of our lives trying to find.

And with that my fellow wedding guests, here’s to a summer full of love, laughter, and happily ever after.

About Lia

Lia Mueller Weddings

Lia is the lead planner and owner of Lia Mueller Weddings, based out of Western Washington state. She got her start in the industry through an internship while living in Washington D.C., and considers it an honor to help couples with one of the most important days of their lives. Lia takes a team approach to events, believing in collaboration and communication with her fellow vendors to provide couples with as much support as possible on their day. When she’s not creating timelines and meeting with clients and vendors, you can find her exploring somewhere in the mountains or on the Pacific Coast, alongside her husband and their two rescue dogs. | @liamuellerweddings

Photo by Shailee Berry




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