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7 Classic Summer Proposal Ideas

7 Classic Summer Proposal Ideas
written by Annette Furio,
Founder + CEO, Season Journals

Proposing any time of the year is an exciting experience, but summertime, graced by the gifts of Mother Nature, gives you a few more memorable opportunities to pop the question. We’ve compiled a list of 7 ideas for planning the best summer proposal. And remember, when planning a proposal in a public space, consider the crowd, the view, and the weather. You can’t control everything, but you can always plan ahead! 

1 / Seek Water

Whether Big Blue, the Great Lakes, a rolling river or serene pond, there’s a special quality to water that can’t quite be captured in words alone. If you have access to watercraft, consider a romantic sunset boat tour. Choose an off-time of day or location that’s a little more private if there are typically tourists or beachgoers that aren’t necessary to your proposal plan. 

2 / Cue the Fireworks 

When summer comes, fireworks follow! While you may not be one to put on your own firework show, you can let the pros do it for you and take advantage of the moment. Do some research for when they are scheduled and where the best view is located. Consider giving your speech before (when it’s not as loud) and then enjoy the show together.

3 / Sunrise Surprise

Campers and early risers get the great gift of witnessing the sun crest the hills in an early morning sunrise. Make camp where you know you have a good chance at getting that sunrise and plan to rise early in the morning with coffee and breakfast. If the clouds cooperate, surprise your partner with your proposal speech. If the weather doesn’t work out, don’t worry. If you’re on a multi-day camping trip, you can try for sunset that night or sunrise the following day. Don’t feel like you need to be tied to one all-or-nothing plan.

4 / Shout from the Rooftop 

City dwellers love a rooftop patio in the summer, and for good reason. Heading to the top floor of a high-rise gives some of the best views of the city and gets you a little closer to the clouds. Make dinner reservations about 45 minutes to 1 hour before sunset so that towards the end of dinner you can start your proposal.

5 / Pack a Picnic

This one’s for the foodies who have a favorite regular meal and bottle of wine that they love to share. If food is your partner’s love language, prep a picnic (or get your favorite takeout), pack your favorite drinks (don’t forget the champagne if that’s your thing!) and take it to a special outdoor spot. Grab a bench, a picnic table, or a blanket and get comfortable. Really enjoy the fresh air and all the sensory experience that a good meal can provide. 

6 / Sweet Sweat

If you are an active couple who loves the great outdoors, work up a sweat by taking a hike (your heart rate will already be high from any nerves!). Hit the trail, gain some elevation, and pop the question with an epic scenic backdrop. Don’t forget to take plenty of selfies! 

7 / Poolside Proposal

If luxury is the way you mark special moments, book a night at a hotel or resort that offers private poolside cabanas. Sun, shade, cocktails, and a dip in the infinity pool will lead to ultimate romance and relaxation — a perfect segue into your proposal. 


After your proposal, enjoy the moment, celebrate with your spouse-to-be and don’t rush the experience. When the time fees right, share your good news! Once you settle in and begin the wedding planning process, consider asking these questions and capture the entire experience with The Engagement Journal, the best tool to help you plan your wedding, document your special engagement moments, and strengthen your relationship with your partner. Embrace the moment. Capture the season. Treasure forever.


About Annette

Annette is the Founder and CEO of Season Journals. She creates, writes, and designs journals that facilitate expression and dialogue for the many seasons of our lives. She also publishes the weekly Season blog and oversees marketing, sales, partnership and operations at Season. She has a true entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the intersection of business and people.

Furio resides in downtown Columbus, Ohio with her husband, Giovanni, and their menagerie of houseplants. In her free time, she enjoys running, cooking, learning about wine, and reading.

Photo by Lauren Pennington Photography


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