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A Moment of Gratitude

A Moment of Gratitude

“The individuals & collective community make us who we are. Without our people, it’s impossible to fulfill our purpose.”

Thanksgiving comes as a natural time to share our gratitude and reflect on the moments we’ve experienced this past year. I was having a conversation with my teammate, Lauren, and we shared the sentiment that even though this year “looked different,” we experienced a lot of personal growth, professional advancement and most importantly, resiliency.

In fact, Season itself didn’t look so different because we were creating it for the first time. Year one of business allows for creativity and flexibility — we were trying new things, anyway. In the first year, everything is new (or new to us). I found some relief in that.

Today, I wanted to take some space to share my personal gratitude with those who have supported Season and myself through this time. (Cue the exit-the-stage music because there are a lot of people to thank.)

To my husband and best coworker, Giovanni. You may question some of my recipes but never my big ideas and business ventures. Thank you for sharing your utmost confidence in my vision. And for scheduling your calls around mine.

To those who helped me concept test, research, and edit The Engagement Journal. Your feedback is so valued.

To my printer and account managers who helped bring The Engagement Journal to life in a beautiful, physical form.

To all those who attended our launch party at Antiques on High in February (Who knew that would be the last party you’d attend this year ;) )

To our customers: thank you for taking interest in our products by purchasing them for yourselves and your loved ones. As I read the gift messages on your order notes, I am humbled. I truly hope The Engagement Journal makes a difference in the lives of those who use it.

To Sara and Sam who bought the first copies of The Engagement Journal even though they’re both already married (you can re-gift those, I won’t be mad.) Thank you for encouraging me daily.

To my family for being our cheering section, fulfillment center, product-testers, researchers, and overall love and support.

To my community of entrepreneurial peers in Unreal Collective, and especially my spring cohort, as we watched the world and our Q2 goals unraveling before our eyes (it was better together, right!?).

To our digital Season community. A like, comment, email open, share or story view may seem small, but it means so much to a new business and brand.

To Amy and her team for helping us jumpstart our social media presence and strategically market the journal with intention.

To Lauren, who brought us a large order and wonderful social media exposure with a global wedding brand.

To Heather and our Birdhaus Co. couples, who helped inspire my next chapter built on the foundation of our experience in the wedding industry.

To our vendor and influencer collaborators who have written, photographed, purchased, referred, and shared their talents with Season and the Season community. I especially want to thank Lauren and Ross of Offpath Photography who believed in us early on and allowed us to use their beautiful photography when we didn’t have much of our own. To Natalie Folchi who beautifully and flawlessly photographed our holiday campaign. To Earthtone Candle Co., Stella Works, and Lumaca Paper who created the most beautiful products for our Gift Boxes.

To the Season team. Lauren and Tara, your willingness to jump headfirst into a new brand and own it with such confidence and charisma helps me realize a dream. It brings me so much happiness to see you grow and navigate your life—personally and professionally—with creativity and openness. It is a great joy to work alongside you.

And to all of you who have supported in any way possible this year: I thank you. You already know the small business story, and ours is no different. The individuals and the collective community make us who we are. Without our people, it’s impossible to fulfill our purpose. I’ll leave you with our core beliefs, in hopes that they inspire you this season:

  • We aim to live honest, full & authentic lives.
  • We believe in human connection and in the power of the human spirit.
  • We believe in self-care and caring for those we love.
  • We believe in celebrating and documenting love.
  • We believe in our ability to overcome challenges and build resiliency.


With gratitude,

Annette Furio, Founder
Season Journals






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