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Fun & Easy Date Ideas to Try this Summer

Fun & Easy Date Ideas to Try this Summer

So you want to get to know someone a little better, but the pandemic is cramping your style? What’s a modern romantic to do?

We feel you. The usual coffee dates, restaurant reservations, and travel plans are somewhat off the table — for now. The CDC recommends taking part in outdoor activities that are relatively close to your home. So we compiled a list of easy, fun and cheap date ideas and activities that you can do with your significant other, your besties, or both! 

Pack a picnic.

This is a classic that doesn’t go out of style! Grab an outdoor blanket, pack a cooler of your favorite foods and drinks (or grab carry-out on the way) and pick your favorite spot in your city or town to set up. Find a good view, a nice tree, or a secluded spot for some privacy. Bonus points if you can take in a sunset!

Explore a new park near your home.

The U.S. is full of truly beautiful and awe-inspiring parks. Depending on where you call home, find a national park, state park, or metro park to visit. Be sure to check their websites before you go so you are informed of any closures. Bring all of your own food, water, and hand sanitizer, and be aware that some restrooms may be closed. 

string lights

Stream a concert. 


Season community member Eunice Flores suggests streaming a concert from the comfort of your own home or backyard. Billboard is keeping a running list of concerts that are streaming online. Put up some string lights to set the mood, make easy finger foods to munch on, and enjoy the music. Don’t forget to take off your shoes, feel the grass in between your toes, and envision yourself at an outdoor festival.


Watch an outdoor movie.

Grab a tablet or laptop, download a couple of movies, and watch in your backyard or park. Looking to upgrade? Splurge on a projector and screen set and host your own outdoor summer movie series. Does your city have a drive-in movie theater? Catch a film from the comfort of your own car!






Have a “Chopped” cooking competition. 


Season community member Shayla Jan’elle and her fiancé turned their kitchen into a friendly competition set, taking inspiration from the Food Network show, “Chopped,” where each person gets five ingredients and attempts to make the best dish. If anyone needs a guest judge, just let me know. 

Cook each other a dish you’ve never made before.

Step out of that comfort zone and try to make something you’ve never cooked before! You can even make a traditional dish from each of your families to get to know some family history, culture, and story in the process. 

Create your own wine or beer flights.

Wine and beer delivery services have been popping up since the start of COVID-19 — many of which are local and willing to deliver for free or low cost. Get a few different selections from your favorite local winery or brewery and set up your own tasting flight at home. Look up each drink online and read a little bit about the flavors or the way they were made. Turn it into a challenge by tasting “blind” — without knowing which beer or wine you’re trying. Then see if your guesses are correct!  

Make a summer playlist together.

Music can be so powerful and reminiscent of a time or place. This summer, compile a playlist of songs that may someday remind you of this unique time in our lives. Having music on during a date night or just hanging around the house is the easiest way to set a tone or mood. 

Create a bucket list of post-covid travel aspirations.

Bucket lists are a great way to bond with your partner over the future. It implies that you see a future with one another and gives you something to work toward as a team. It can give us a sense of hope and anticipation. Personally, I’ve found it positive to have something to look forward to during times of uncertainty. Even if plane tickets and Airbnb’s aren’t booked yet, an idea (and writing down that idea!) can go a long way. 

What date ideas or activities with friends have you tried this summer? Share in the comments for a chance to be added to our running list! 

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  • Elisa Furio

    Love your ideas. How bout dance competition with neighbors?

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