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Good News for Couples:
Have the Wedding You Want

Good News for Couples: <br>Have the Wedding You Want
written, photographed & illustrated by Grace Jones

Global pandemic got your wedding?

Who would have thought we would be here, right now, in the middle of a global pandemic. So many couples who planned their dream weddings for 2020 are now being faced with a hard choice. Do they keep their original wedding date, or do they postpone it till next year? As a wedding photographer, I have witnessed these hard choices being made firsthand. It’s not easy, and I feel so sad for my couples that have had to make those hard choices. 

BUT there is one more option that I think a lot of couples are forgetting. You CAN still get married. It’s true—you can! In a weird, roundabout way this global pandemic has brought back the meaning of a wedding. It’s not about the lavish party, expensive decorations and making it look like a fairy tale. Yeah, all of that is awesome. But what’s the point of a wedding without two people getting married? In 2020 you can still get married. It might not look like what you had originally planned, but as much as that might hurt, just remember that you can still marry your person and it’s still just as beautiful! 

Good News Illustrations by Grace Jones

Small, intimate weddings are now happening every weekend and weekday and I hope they are here to stay! To see a couple surrounded by their closest family and maybe a couple of friends is so heartwarming. The day is about them getting married and being celebrated by their closest people. No stress, no making things look perfect, and no unreasonable expectations being placed on the couple. It’s simply perfect in every way. 

Are you wondering if you should get married now and celebrate later?

Here are some questions to help you get to your final decision: 

  • If we get married now, will we be sad that we didn’t wait to do it in front of all our guests?
  • Is getting married now something that we are ready for?
  • How will this affect the things we have already booked for our wedding?
  • Do we still want to get married on our original wedding date or is a new date okay with us?
  • How easy/hard would it be to make a smaller guest list? 
  • If we were to have just a reception next year, what would that look like for us?
  • Where could we do an intimate ceremony?
  • Would we be okay with having guests join us via video calls for our ceremony?
  • What are the pros and cons of getting married now vs. waiting until next year to get married like we had planned for originally?

The good news is this: you can now do whatever you want for your wedding now. Throw caution to the wind and DO WHAT YOU WANT. Everything you know about weddings and their “etiquette” no longer holds any meaning. Remember the true meaning of weddings!

Go forth and get married, if you want to! 




Grace E. Jones PhotographyHi, I’m Grace! A quirky wedding photographer, Harry Potter nerd and the ultimate cat lover! I believe every couple has a beautifully unique story to tell and no two are alike, which I think is pretty awesome. Alongside my rad husband, we document wedding days through photo and video, capturing what happens right before our eyes like the wallflowers we are! We are based in Columbus and SoCal.  


Instagram: www.instagram.com/graceejones
Website: www.graceejones.com


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