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How to Personalize Your Wedding Design

How to Personalize Your Wedding Design
written by Samantha of Samantha Joy Events

Every wedding is as unique as the couple planning it. That means your wedding should have a different look and feel than mine, your best friend’s, or the one you just saw on Instagram. At Samantha Joy Events, we love working with couples to design events that are completely reflective of their style and above all tell their unique love story. 

But just how do we do that? It’s all in the details! Inspiration is everywhere and we specialize in pulling out the smallest detail to personalize each couple’s wedding design. The result is something completely memorable and unique to them! 


Megan Noll


When I’m working with my planning and design couples, we begin with a design discovery process. This is more than colors you like or style you gravitate towards (though that is part of it). We actually start with their story, namely how they met and the proposal. This is foundational for understanding what defines them as a couple and what is important to their relationship. Perhaps there is a special place, mood, or even a food item that speaks to this part of their life. We can use those feelings, colors, and tastes in their design. 

Next, we move to what I call the “isms.” Put simply, these are the things that friends and family would say are synonymous with their relationship. I ask each person to think about their partner and answer a few questions. What is their favorite meal? If you were picking up a movie snack for them, what would it be? Where would you shop for their birthday or Christmas present? Do you have a favorite trip you have taken or a place you plan to go? All of these answers give me valuable insight into a couple’s style. 


wedding reception


Favorite meals and movie snacks can influence the menu we put together. Perhaps we can incorporate an appetizer or entree that is a nod to their favorite cuisine or a special meal they shared together. This is what we did for Kylie and Andrew, who had their first date at the Melting Pot. For their wedding, we created a fondue-style dinner for their guests. Or we could stock the bar with their favorite bourbon or craft a signature cocktail inspired by a favorite trip. 

The places you shop can tell me about your style — are you more modern or classic? Do you gravitate toward bright colors or do you lean toward neutrals? A vacation can inspire color palettes and florals. Are you enamored with the streets of Amsterdam? Let’s incorporate tulips and delft pottery into your design. Do you love going to the beach? We can use blues, greens, and natural elements to give a subtle nod to walking along the shore. 


Jenna Powers


Ultimately, these exercises help me to understand the things that define a couple both as individuals and together. We then pull these elements together to create a perfect balance between each partner’s style. Often this design discovery process takes couples in a direction they hadn’t thought of before. It allows them to open up and think creatively about what is most important to them. The result is a wedding that is both personal and memorable! 

About Samantha

Samantha Leenheer

Samantha is the Creative Director and lead planner at Samantha Joy Events. A Chicago native, Samantha is a Midwest girl at heart. She began her career planning corporate events in 2011. Since that time, she has expanded to include weddings, social events, and styling services.  Samantha’s design aesthetic is elegant with a modern twist and she firmly believes that an event is as unique as the people planning it. 

Whether it is a custom installation or a tailor-made menu, she is known for creative design elements that perfectly capture each client’s style. As one of the hosts of the Emergence Dinner series, she is known for her commitment to industry growth and education. Her work has been featured in Style Me Pretty, The Knot Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, Mingle Magazine, Magnolia Rouge Magazine, Modern Luxury, Long Island Bride and Groom, and more.

samanthajoyevents.com | Instagram | Pinterest


Photography by:Megan Noll Photography | Marina Claire & Co | Everleigh Photography | Jenna Powers Photography | Laura Katie Photography

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