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A Q&A with Jordan Stacy Coyne of Cliffside Acres

A Q&A with Jordan Stacy Coyne of Cliffside Acres
photo by liza kirk photography

“[My grandmother’s] greatest hope for the farm was that it would be a place for people to gather, to celebrate love, and to enjoy the beauty of nature...I like to think that I carried on her dream of sharing it with others.”


Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Jordan Stacy Coyne, and I own Cliffside Acres, a wedding and event venue located in Springfield, Ohio. 


What is the story behind Cliffside Acres? How did it come to be?

Oh goodness, you would think that I would have a more condensed answer as often as I get asked this.

I inherited the property from my grandmother, Patricia. She was as fierce and business-savvy as she was generous and community-minded. For her, “the farm,” as we called it, was a refuge. While she never actually lived here, it became a place where she planted flowers for hours, restored an old stone cottage, and spent years rounding up her kids and grandkids to tackle projects around the 25-acre property.

By extension, the farm felt like home to our family and many other neighbors and friends. When she owned the property, she would welcome people in our community to use it for photoshoots, mushroom-hunting, an unofficial Airbnb, and even a wedding, in addition to our annual family fundraiser. Her greatest hope for the farm was that it would be a place for people to gather, to celebrate love, and to enjoy the beauty of nature. While I don’t think she ever imagined a wedding venue, I like to think that I carried on her dream of sharing it with others. 

Once I decided that I wanted to build a wedding venue, my dad, Dave, came onboard as my general contractor. While we did have plenty of help, my dad and I designed and built most of Cliffside Acres ourselves, from driving the road roller to prep the plot to building the walls, from insulating to hanging metal on the exterior. For us, it wasn’t about owning a wedding venue, it was about loving and serving people, and this was just the path to get us there. 


The Barn at Cliffside Acres
photo by Makayla Lynn Photography


What is your favorite feature of the venue?

My favorite feature is our 360-degree ceremony beneath our twin maple trees. It is a one-of-a-kind, intimate experience for both our couples and their guests. 


What do you think should couples be looking for when they’re choosing a venue?

When looking for a venue, couples should prioritize finding a space that can function as a blank slate, giving them the ability to bring their unique vision and personality to life. Additionally, we communicate to our couples how important it is to hire vendors they genuinely enjoy and trust! 


How long have you been married? 

I have been married for just over a year! It feels so crazy to think about how quickly the first year passed. My husband Jim and I were married on September 28, 2019 at Cliffside Acres.


When you were engaged, what were you most looking forward to on the wedding day or weekend?

I was most looking forward to reading our vows to each other. We wanted our wedding ceremony and weekend to really express who we are as a couple and our devotion to each other. Oh, and wearing a great dress! 


What event do you remember most from your engagement? 

I laughed out loud at these questions because I always tell my husband that I think I blacked out from happiness. I have no idea what he said to me; I was just elated that it was happening.

I had dreamed of an intimate proposal. Jim popped the question on the same property that we inherited from my grandmother, where we had just moved into, and what would eventually become Cliffside Acres with just our immediate families present. It was so sweet and special to me, probably even more so now. 


Jordan Stacy Coyne Wedding at Cliffside Acres by Liza Kirk Photography

photo by liza kirk photography

What traditions did you carry through to your wedding, or what traditions did you start yourselves?

Jim and I are pretty untraditional people, and that especially came through on our wedding day. I’m always telling our couples, just because everyone else may choose to do something on their wedding day, it does not mean that you have to! Ditch the boutonnieres, walk yourself down the aisle, skip the cake cutting, etc. 


Describe one or two memories or individual moments that you remember most from your wedding celebration.

The most memorable moment of the day for me was our “First Look.” Jim was waiting for me in the same spot he proposed, beneath our cliffs along the creek, where the trees create a beautiful canopy. It was the only part of the day where it was just the two of us, and we got to take in how special the moment was. We laughed, and we cried, and we clung so closely to each other. Jim’s reaction to seeing me for the first time made me so glad we hired our videographer! Jim was utterly overwhelmed with emotion and so sincere in his expression.


What are some ways you made your wedding your own?

It was important to Jim and me that our wedding day felt like us and that we were intentional with every decision. We accomplished this in several ways, but getting married at the venue that we built, on a property that means so much to my family, made it feel extra special.

I loved getting ready in our home and spending time with our pets on our wedding day. Norman and Atticus, our two dogs, and Harold, our cat, are such a big part of our lives, and we both couldn’t imagine our wedding day without them. We incorporated them into our day by naming our signature cocktails after them. My now mother-in-law, Susan, had a painting commissioned of Jim and I with our pets as a bridal shower gift. We were able to have the painting made into labels for the wine that we included in our welcome boxes, along with our favorite local treats.

We also wanted our day to celebrate our community, and we felt strongly about prioritizing our wedding party. We had The Campfire Experience set up their teepee village, which included fully furnished bedrooms, so we could spend ample time with our bridesmaids and groomsmen over the weekend. Plus, it was an awesome after-party setup! Hosting and inviting people into our home is something we love to do as a couple, and having our friends camp-out brought us so much joy.

Food is my family’s love language, and we wanted the menu to reflect that. We served a Hot Rock entrée for dinner because when our parents first met, we ate at a restaurant with the same offering. The menu also included a “Hudson Salad” named after the town where Jim grew up, and we recreated the salad from one of the local restaurants there. The bread was made by a local artisan and family friend. Jim’s one request was that we had a late-night food truck. We chose Mikey’s Late Night Slice, a Columbus staple, and an establishment we frequented when we lived only a block away in the Short North. It was a huge hit! As guests departed, we served warm Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies as an homage to my father-in-law. For cocktails, Watershed Distillery created our custom drink recipes that matched our pets’ personalities. Jim works in marketing for Watershed, and we knew that we wanted to include their spirits in our day in a fun way.


About Jordan

Jordan Stacy Coyne

Hello! I’m Jordan Stacy Coyne, and I own Cliffside Acres in Springfield, Ohio, a wedding venue offering modern amenities and exceptional service at an affordable price. I wear a lot of hats in my job, but my favorite role is “Bonus Gal-Pal” — I’ll be here to laugh with you, cry with you, and remind you that your marriage is what really matters. I’ve built my business with a passion for people at the center, and I feel so honored to play a small role in each of our couples’ wedding days. Let’s be friends! 

photo by Marina Claire Co.



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