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Meet the Team: Tara Zinser

Meet the Team: Tara Zinser

Name & Position at Season

Tara / Brand Partnership Coordinator

Where are you attending school and what are you studying? 

I’m attending Capital University and studying Emerging Media with a focus in Public Relations and Marketing.

What is your day to day like at Season? 

I manage our partnerships by communicating with influencers and wedding professionals to grow the Season community and brand. Right now, it’s a lot of emails and Instagram DMs!

What is one thing you hope to learn in the coming year?

Patience! I’m incredibly impatient and I’m hoping this year teaches me a lot about how to chill out and let things happen the way they’re supposed to.

What season of life are you finding yourself in at the moment? 

I’m about to begin the transition from college to the “real world.” It’s very apparent that I’m about to go through another big life change as I figure out my next steps — where I’ll live and what I’ll do and all of that good stuff. I’m excited!

Any new quarantine hobbies? Regular hobbies?

I’ve always loved running, yoga, and traveling. My quarantine hobbies included watching a lot of movies, journaling, and cooking.

What are you most looking forward to right now? 

Getting back to school to be with my friends again. I live with 4 other girls and I miss them so much!

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what’s something on it?

I don’t, I should probably make one. If I did it would probably have something like visiting all 50 states on it.

What do you like to do to slow down and be in the moment?

I’m working on putting my phone (and social media) down so I can experience moments to actually remember them instead of just to post about them.

What’s your favorite way to document important moments in your life?

Definitely photos and videos. Sometimes I’m bad at remembering to take them but I love looking back at them. I’m a big fan of polaroids and Snapchat memories. 

Favorite quote? 

My high school senior quote was “We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we may as well dance” and I definitely still live by that. Especially if we’re talking about Tik Tok dances.



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  • Melodie Reed

    Congrats Tara for your new role and another big step in your life. Love watching you journey along and this position sounds to be the perfect fit for you. Good luck to you and feel free to connect if we might collaborate in the future. Congrats again!

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