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Mini Memoir: Brett & Jenn

Mini Memoir: Brett & Jenn
Photos by Mercury Photography

“Each year on our anniversary we go to the bench in German Village where Brett asked me to be his girlfriend and write letters to each other, talking about our growth and reflecting on the year.”


Names: Brett and Jenn Colburn


When was your wedding date?

September 2, 2018


What did you enjoy most about being engaged?

Brett: I enjoyed defining what our marriage would be about, setting a clear expectation on what we desired and direction for our marriage. We chose pillars to set a foundation for our lives together and grew in premarital counseling with friends.

Jenn: I loved being engaged, looking at my shiny new ring and dreaming about being married to my best friend! This is a season of anticipation and I loved getting closer to our wedding day every day. I loved collaborating and planning our wedding with my mom and besties / MOH’s — I dreamed and they filled in the details. This was also a time Brett and I prepared our hearts for what we wanted in our marriage and really grew together.


What event do you remember best from your engagement? Any particular moments or events that stick in your memory?

B: I honestly don’t remember what I said or even if I actually asked her to marry me. All I remember is getting down on one knee and hugging and crying. The rest is just a blissful blur, and later having the satisfaction that I surprised her.

J: I feel like I remember the whole day so vividly. It was so perfect. Brett told me we were grabbing coffee at a new coffee shop and it happened to be at the place where he first told me he loved me, a beautiful bridge at Gahanna Creekside. I remember begging him to walk over it together, and he agreed, of course. Once we got to the top he gave me this planner with a sweet note inside, and once I looked up from it, he was down on one knee!! Later that night we had a surprise engagement party with our friends and family.


When you were engaged, what were you most looking forward to on the wedding day/weekend?

B: Celebrating with all our friends! And just being married to my dream girl.

J: Honestly, the dancing at the reception. We have such a fun family and friends and the party did not disappoint. And the delicious raspberry filling cake.


What traditions did you carry through to your wedding, or what traditions did you start yourselves?

B: Going on a trip to celebrate our anniversary every Labor Day weekend! So far we’ve been to Aruba, Colorado and Amish Country. It worked out perfectly to get married on Labor Day weekend to have a built-in trip to take every year, just the two of us!

J: We have always written letters and little notes to each other, and it was great that we got to read letters before our ceremony together. Each year on our anniversary we go to the bench in German Village where Brett asked me to be his girlfriend and write letters to each other, talking about our growth both together and individually, and reflecting on the year as a whole.


Describe one or two memories or individual moments that you remember most from your wedding celebration.

B: Our wedding day was just a blur of joy, in all honesty. Some things that stand out was running down the aisle together as husband and wife for the first time. I was so excited and happy — it was incredible. The celebration on the dance floor was also just so fun from start to finish. All of our friends and family together sharing that night was so special.

J: I remember as we were taking communion together, we took a moment to look out at all of our friends and family. One of the best pieces of advice I received was to take moments in this whirlwind day and enjoy the view. I also remember being in the middle of the circle for the last song and just experiencing it. Our closest friends and family were all there in the same room and it was just humbling. It’s such an honor to have everyone together to celebrate. I feel like it’s these reels of the little moments and the people you have that truly make for a special day.


What is one way you made your wedding your own?

B: We wrote letters to each other and read them and prayed together before the ceremony. One part that happened organically was our send off. Our last song was Country Roads by Jenn’s favorite singer, John Denver, and it ended up being this arm-in-arm sendoff where everyone circled up on the dance floor.

J: We wrote our own vows which made the ceremony feel so personal! One of my favorite parts was our father-daughter and mother-son dances — we invited all the duos to join us for the dance. We have some amazing pictures and it was so fun to be joined by our family and friends who could share this special moment alongside us.


What is one thing you learned about one another during your marriage thus far?

B: Something I have learned about Jenn is how she thrives off of adventure and spontaneous fun. I tend to be more practical, but I have learned that I can love my wife well by being with her and for her in her adventures, not just always pointing out practical advice. She’s pushed me out of the mundane and comfortable, and it’s been amazing and fun.

J: Honestly we have learned and grown so much in our two years of marriage. I’ve learned so much from Brett about perspective and not just living for the exciting moments during the weeks/weekends, but to find joy and rest in the everyday moments.


What is one piece of advice for currently engaged couples?

B: A piece of advice for currently engaged couples is to be up front and honest about expectations for marriage together during your season of engagement. Make some pillars of what your marriage will be about, and that can help guide the big life decisions marriage will bring.

J: Remember that the wedding day is just the first day of the rest of your life together — there will be imperfections and seriously try to enjoy those! It would be boring if that didn’t happen! Prepare more for your lives together.



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