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Mini Memoir: Kaylen & Alex

Mini Memoir: Kaylen & Alex
photo by jenna knott photography

“It’s been exciting to press the refresh button on our relationship status and talk about our future in terms of permanence and forever.”

Names and current city of residence:

Kaylen Chang & Alex Berling from Columbus, OH

How long have you been engaged thus far? 

We are newly engaged, about 2 months!

What have you enjoyed most about being engaged?

Turning the page to a new chapter in our relationship. We’ve been dating since high school, so it’s been exciting to press the refresh button on our relationship status and talk about our future in terms of permanence and forever!

What are you most looking forward to during your engagement?
We’re so excited for all the people we love to get an all-access pass into our relationship during this season. After people see the ring, questions ensue about Alex and I, our plans, and our future, so we’re pumped to get to share our story and where our hope lies during engagement. 

What are you most looking forward to on the wedding day or wedding weekend celebration?

Having all of our family and friends in one place. We’re excited to hit the dance floor with all our people... we love a good dance party ;)

What traditions are you carrying through to your wedding, or what traditions are you starting yourselves? 

Alex is SUCH a man of tradition. He loves them. It’s still pretty early in our planning process, but we’ve already decided that we’re getting married on the same weekend as his parents AND his grandparents. We also decided to keep many special parts of our wedding within our hometown, Dublin. My ring was from Dublin, the venue is in Dublin, and our first place will most likely be in Dublin!

If you’ve received The Engagement Journal, which section are you excited about using? 

The “Our Vows” section.

What memories or moments do you want to make sure you document?

Our travels and trips, our dreams and desires for the future, our thoughts and reflections following our celebrations.

What is one thing you learned about one other during your engagement season thus far?

I’ve always known Alex to be incredibly patient and very respectful, especially toward my family. But I never could have imagined to what extent! Thus far during engagement, I’ve seen these two qualities stand out like no other. Conversely, Alex recently discovered my love for Taco Bell and my talent in golf.

What is one way you want to make your wedding “your own”?

We want it to be representative of us and our story. We’re hoping to write our own vows & make some stops to our favorite places in Dublin after our first look & before our ceremony.

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