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Spring Soul-Cleaning

Spring Soul-Cleaning
written by Annette Furio,
Founder + CEO, Season Journals

Each season or quarter, we are offered a chance to pause. In many parts of the world, Mother Nature goes through her own changes, reminding us of life’s cyclical patterns. Every season — every day, even — we get the opportunity to start over. To become reinvigorated. To become inspired once again. 

As we enter the Spring season, we invite you to do a mental reset — a spring cleaning of the soul. Assess where you feel stuck, uncomfortable, or unfulfilled. How were the first three months of the year for you? See what aspects of your life need a little dusting, a full-on purge, or a fresh coat of paint.  

Spring Soul-Cleaning How-To

01 / CLEAN

What aspect of your life has been collecting dust over the past three months — an area that’s been neglected? It could be a resolution that fell off after January. Maybe it’s feeling unmotivated or uninspired by your work. Maybe it’s a friendship rut. Write down one actionable way you can “dust off” and restart in this area of life. 

02 / PURGE

What is no longer serving you that you can part ways with? This is a question many of us have likely wrestled with before. Is this a physical object or visual clutter? Is it something you used to find enjoyable that no longer brings that same joy? Is it an obligation that you can delegate or retire from?

03 / PAINT

What is one thing in your life that you don’t want to part ways with, but just needs a fresh coat of paint — a restoration? Maybe it’s changing up your date night routine. Perhaps it’s reenergizing your workouts by moving them outdoors. It could be a literal coat of paint to improve the feel of your physical environment.


By answering these three spring soul-cleaning questions, you will have reflected on the winter months we just experienced, and gained clarity for what you intend to do this spring.

Remember to keep an open mind, focus on one or two major things in any season, and restart whenever you need to. 

About Annette

Annette is the Founder and CEO of Season Journals. She creates, writes, and designs guided journals for the seasons of our lives. She also publishes the Season blog and oversees marketing, sales, partnerships and operations at Season. She has a true entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the intersection of business and people.

Photo by Lauren Pennington Photography

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