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The Importance of Celebrating Anniversaries with Professional Photographs

The Importance of Celebrating Anniversaries with Professional Photographs
written and photographed by Aika Foz

Photography sessions are a wonderful way to celebrate milestones. Celebrating an anniversary through professional photographs is just as important as the engagement session and the wedding celebration! After meeting my sweet couple, Taryn and Maxx, anniversary sessions have quickly become a top favorite of mine to photograph! All types of special milestones I’m entrusted to photograph — weddings, engagements, family, maternity, portraits — each hold a special place in my heart because each one is different in their own way. Here’s why anniversary sessions are just as important.

Aika Foz Photography


Anniversary sessions are more relaxed in nature and showcase another year of your love story. You’ve had more time to get to know each other as individuals and as partners, so a new level of intimacy and comfort is unlocked. This new level of ease shines through in your anniversary photos.

Aika Foz Photography


Anniversary sessions are also a wonderful celebration of the life you’re sharing together as partners. It’s a commemoration of a year’s worth of memories made and moments created together. That’s something worth recognizing and preserving, year after year!

Aika Foz Photography


A relaxed session timeline, paired with more time spent together as partners, allows your unique love story to shine through in your anniversary photos. You can also come up with creative elements to add to your session that showcase your personalities. Taryn and Maxx opted to have not only one, but TWO champagne shower segments in their session! It was such a delight to capture their fun-loving smiles and full-of-life personalities. These shots also make for fun photos to hang up throughout your home.

Aika Foz Photography

A little bit more about my anniversary couple:

Taryn and Maxx reached out to me to photograph their anniversary session in March of 2020. What first started as planning for a gorgeous garden session for the summer, quickly turned into playing it all by ear. Just a few short weeks after we started planning their anniversary session, a worldwide lockdown was announced. While we remained hopeful that July would bring us resumed activities, we learned we had to quickly pivot and postpone plans for the following year.

Throughout the year hiatus, Taryn and I kept in touch by sending one another well wishes during holidays. As July 2021 slowly approached, I was ready to finally meet my sweet couple and capture their love story in front of my lens.

It was a crisp early summer morning in July when I finally got the chance to meet Taryn and Maxx for their anniversary session. They were joined by their two adorable pups, Mochi and Daisy. It always puts an extra pep in my step when my clients bring their fur babies along to their sessions!

We had three outfit changes for Taryn and Maxx, starting with casual before changing into their wedding gown and wedding suit. I brought along a gorgeous floral embellished lavender tulle gown from LVLY Bride for Taryn’s third outfit and it fit her like a glove! Lavender looked absolutely stunning on her. 

Taryn and Maxx also brought along two champagne bottles and we celebrated their second wedding anniversary together with two champagne showers. This anniversary session holds a special place in my heart and I’m so excited to share it with you all!

About Aika

Aika Foz

When you look at a photograph of you or those you love, does it take you back to that very moment? Can you smell it, hear it, feel it? As a fine art film and digital photographer, these are the emotions Aika Foz strives to capture in every photograph she takes.

What began as a passion for capturing fleeting moments and then inspired by her motherhood journey, Aika turned her love for the art of photography into her career. The utter joy that fills Aika’s heart, while bearing witness to a couple’s beginnings in their love story, is the driving force behind Aika’s business.

Aika relishes in the reality that has found her as an artist as she carefully balances the curated with the raw. Aika is dedicated to her art but values her clients’ experience above all.

Aika was voted Best Bride and Groom Photographer (West Coast) for the Global Wedding Awards by Lux Life Magazine in 2021. Aika’s work can also be seen on The White Wren, Blue Nile, and more.

aikafoz.com | @aikafoz



Photography: Aika Foz | www.aikafoz.com | @aikafoz

Lavender tulle gown: LVLY Bride | www.lvlybride.com | @lvlybrideoffical 



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