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How to Trust Your Wedding Photographer on your Big Day

How to Trust Your Wedding Photographer on your Big Day
by Jenna Knott of Jenna Knott Photo
photography by Laurken Kendall

“Being present...allowed me to feel like the most beautiful and comfortable version of myself I’ve ever experienced. I wish I could be that woman every day.”

I always dreamt about my wedding one day — what it would look like, where it would be, who would be there, and most importantly, who was going to capture my special day.

Wedding photographers have the special role of capturing your day and transforming it into timeless, tangible photographs for you to look back on for years to come. 

As a wedding photographer myself, I had very high expectations of whomever I hired for my own wedding. As a bride, I learned that the trust you place in that person is critical to allowing yourself to enjoy the day to the fullest. If you trust your photographer and their process, you’ll set yourself free from worry and your authentic self is going to come through the lens.


Jenna Knott Wedding

Lean in to letting go

Give yourself the permission to feel liberated and present on your wedding day. Trust that your photographer has your best interest (and angles) in mind. I encourage my clients to show up to their wedding day being unapologetically themselves.

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make the day perfect instead of embracing the moments (some of which are chaotic) as they happen. Lean into letting go. Don’t worry about hair being out of place and about what your body looks like. Bring your focus to being present with your partner. 

This was the number one piece of advice that I took and applied to my own wedding this past September. I let go of trying to achieve perfection in a photo. My husband and I trusted our photographer’s creative direction — however silly or goofy it felt. We let go of all expectations and went along for the ride. Being present in the moment and fully experiencing every little emotion on the roller coaster that is your wedding day allowed me to feel like the most beautiful and comfortable version of myself I’ve ever experienced. I wish I could be that woman every day. 

Jenna Knott Wedding

Know your photographer has your best interest at heart

After shooting many, many weddings, more often than not I witness couples stressing out instead of enjoying their wedding day. Your photographer will be your biggest advocate, cheerleader, coordinator, and friend. They’ll fluff your dress, straighten a tie, fix a flower, and make you laugh to give you the best possible experience. Photography is an empathetic pursuit and it takes energy and trust from both parties involved to create something beautiful. 

Remember that you hired them because you saw something valuable in the experience and the craft in which they excel. Give yourself the permission to let go, embrace the process, and feel every moment of your day. 

About Jenna

Hi there! I call a little town in Northwest Ohio home. It’s made up of my favorite things — Alex, my husband, and our three dogs. I’m a wedding, elopement and lifestyle photographer that documents every type of human. I love the messy, intricate and emotional moments of humans. I try to tell stories of my own life experiences through other’s sessions by setting a scene, giving direction and capturing how those moments naturally unfold between two people. I put a piece of myself into every session. I’m an extremely empathetic person, I probably cuss a little too often (sorry, Mom), I have my nose in a book every chance I can get and have a bleeding heart for all animals. 

jennaknottphoto.com | @jennaknottphoto



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  • Cindy Brown

    The last thing you want to do on the day of your wedding is worry about how your photographer is performing.

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