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Why a Winter Wedding is a Great Idea

Why a Winter Wedding is a Great Idea
written by Maggie Mullens, Senior Design Consultant and Coordinator, The Estate at New Albany


Setting the perfect wedding date is hard, and picking the season that works best for you can sometimes be even more difficult. We hear about summer & fall weddings so often, but let’s talk about the real winner when it comes to wedding seasons: Winter! I’ve got the top reasons for having your big day in the winter months.


01 / Most people aren’t taking vacations

Summer is the most popular time for vacations, as kids are out of school, the sun is shining, and the desire for taking time off is greater. Be honest — you probably have a summer vacation already planned — I know I do! When hosting your wedding in the “off-season,” you will have a better chance of having all of your loved ones attend. 

the estate at new albany winter wedding
Photo: Theory Image — Venue: The Estate At New Albany — Florals: Fiori Florals — Planning: Event Prep — Rentals: Aiden & Grace


02 / No holidays

January through March doesn’t have many major holidays — we’re looking at you Valentine’s Day! People are coming off the early winter holiday-season high, and are looking forward to whatever their next-big-thing is. Make that next big thing your wedding! A wonderful celebration with dinner, drinks, and dancing during a lull in the holiday calendar — who could say no?  

 The Estate at New Albany

Photo: Captured By Kaitlin + Mitch — Venue: The Estate At New Albany

03 / Snow makes a gorgeous & free prop! 

You’ve seen those photos where the snow is falling oh so perfectly framing the couple, right? And you’ve probably thought, “Wow, I want a winter wonderland in my wedding photos, too!” Having your wedding in the winter months increases your chances of that perfect snowy photo op; don’t miss out on it!  


winter wedding snow
Photo: Kayla & Caleb Photography — Venue: The Estate At New Albany


04 / Save $$$

Because May through October are the months that host the most weddings, venues typically have a lower price point during the winter season. As a wedding professional, there really is no “off-season” in the industry, but January through March are definitely months that are overlooked when choosing a wedding date. If you are someone who is budget-conscious, don’t discount the winter months!  


winter wedding neon sign
Photo: Theory Image — Venue: The Estate At New Albany — Florals: Fiori Florals — Planning: Event Prep — Rentals: Aiden & Grace


05 / The coziness of winter weddings can’t be beat

The chilly outdoors make for the coziest indoors! Think of the bridal and bridesmaid wraps, a hot chocolate bar, a signature spicy cocktail; the possibilities are endless! Warm your guests (and yourselves) up with the details that are special to YOU as a couple! Pro tip: just because you’re thinking of a winter wedding doesn’t mean that you need to use the color red. Think outside the box when it comes to color schemes, like using deep, rich jewel tones!


sparkler exit wedding
Photo: Theory Image — Venue: The Estate At New Albany — Florals: Fiori Florals — Planning: Event Prep — Rentals: Aiden & Grace


All in all, choose the best season and date that is best for YOU! Your wedding day is all about your life together as a married couple, so do just that! My last piece of advice to you is to keep an open mind, because you never know what you might discover. Happy planning!


About Maggie

Maggie Mullens

I started my career at The Estate At New Albany, in September 2019 as a Venue Coordinator. Being in the wedding and events industry, I have gained immeasurable experience when it comes to creating and executing beautiful events that clients will remember for a lifetime! I am now Senior Design Consultant and Coordinator and I am grateful for my position working with some of the most talented professionals in the Columbus, Ohio area. My favorite part of a wedding day is seeing the couple’s faces light up when they see each other for the first time that day, whether it be down the aisle or during a first look.

When I’m not at The Estate, you can find me hanging out with my closest friends, painting, or watching Disney+. Iced coffee gives me life (even in the winter), I love glitter, and I adore my cat, Sven. I pride myself in my ability to make people smile and laugh 'til it hurts!

photo by Samantha Rickman Photography



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