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The 30-Day Countdown Until “I Do” Checklist

The 30-Day Countdown Until “I Do” Checklist
written & photographed by Alexandra Sirocky holistic entrepreneur and founder of nomaste

How to keep yourself aligned, calm, and ready for the big day

The photographer is booked, the guests have all RSVP’d, and you’ve just picked up your wedding dress from the local bridal shop. The wedding day countdown has officially begun and you’re finally saying to yourself, “Okay, this is really starting to feel like a reality,” because you’ve officially done everything you can do to prepare. So, what did you forget?!

A few things can get lost in the chaos, so we’ve compiled a lovely little “I Do” list for you to help manage stress while wedding planning in your final month. Whether you have a summer wedding or a fall wedding, it’s normal to get some wedding day anxiety as you approach the 30-day mark before the big day. No matter the season, we’re here to help you navigate those jitters with this pre-wedding wellness routine. 

Don’t worry. Breathe into the moment. You got this.

Month-Of Wedding Checklist 

4-weeks until “I Do”

  • Treat yourself.
    Whether it’s going to get a fancy upgraded mani/pedi or a luxurious facial, do something special for yourself this week. It could even be lunch at your favorite restaurant with your best friend or a visit to a local museum you love. Sometimes we all need to be a little “extra” and now is your moment. Carpe diem!  
  • Put the pen to paper.
    Take some time this week to write and consider setting a goal to journal for 10 minutes each morning until the wedding day. Time will go by at lightning speed, and one day when you are looking back on this time, you’ll cherish the memories you were able to record. Use “The Wedding Celebration
    Journal Pages” in The Engagement Journal or another favorite journal to free-write.
  • Offload something.
    You do not have to do everything. I repeat, you do not have to do everything. Whatever you are avoiding or stressing about, ditch it at the door. Ask your wedding planner, wedding coordinator, family, or your wedding party to take that one thing off your plate this month. You’ve done enough and you have a support system that can and will help. 

3-weeks until “I Do”

  • Stay consistent in your self care.
    Being the healthy bride you are, make sure to stay consistent with your self care routines this week. Go to pilates or yoga, get plenty of fresh air and Vitamin D, drink an extra green juice, and make sure to get in some time for your favorite skincare. Consistency is key with wellness so make sure to carve out enough time daily for your wellness routines.
  • Have a dance party.
    It’s time to break in those shoes darling! Call the girls, turn on some Shania Twain, mix up a cocktail, and get your groove on. You do not want your wedding day shoes to feel tight or give you blisters so bust a move and work those shoes in (and order that anti-blister balm if you need it!). Feeling anxious? Dance is always the remedy. Repeat as necessary!
  • Be present and say thank you.
    Practice mindfulness and gratitude every day, always remembering to reflect on the blessings that are present in your life. Appreciate your partner even when — especially when! — tension is high. Your final payments are coming due, and this is a perfect time to tell your wedding vendor team that you’re grateful for their participation and talents. A wise person one said, “An attitude of gratitude brings all great things,” and we couldn’t agree more. Share the wealth because a little bit of love goes a long way. 



2-weeks until “I Do”

  • Get your Love Bag ready.
    What’s a love bag you ask? It’s like Santa’s sack of never-ending gifts but the bridal version. We’re talking about ibuprofen, stain remover, double sided tape, lint rollers, dental floss, eye drops, and mouthwash just to name a few items. Maybe include oil remover sheets, a sewing kit, and even an extra pair of hanky pankies stashed in there. What about your favorite oil diffuser or scented candle? Throw it in! You never know what the day will bring and it’s best to over-prepare.
  • Finalize your vows.
    Clear your schedule with some uninterrupted time to review and finish your vows. Whether you’re reciting these privately or in front of your guests, these vows will always be an extremely special element of your wedding. Look into purchasing a small vow journal that you can keep as a memento forever. 
  • Initiate Operation Zen.
    Meditate. And then do it some more. It’s very normal for stress levels to rise during the time leading up to your wedding and we don’t want any of those stress induced breakouts to happen — so sit, breathe, meditate, and repeat. Encourage your partner to do the same! Thank us later. 

Wedding Week!

  • Catch the ZZZ’s.
    This week is going to fly by so remember that rest is your best friend. Try to head to bed 30 minutes earlier than you usually would. Invest in a silk pillowcase or new eye mask. Take a bath with a relaxing CBD bath bomb or just sit on your patio and breathe. Whatever helps you rest better, do it. It all adds up. 
  • Get creative with how you hydrate.
    Water doesn’t always have to be boring. Spice up your hydration this week with some sparkling water, a chilled cucumber, or maybe even add some muddled berries to the bottom of your mocktail. A lemon twist never hurts too. 
  • Get a massage.
    Melt away any last minute pre-wedding jitters with a massage from your favorite therapist. Make an appointment at a local spa and take your mom with you. Let go of any stress.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, your wedding day, and we want you to soak it all in to the fullest potential. Love starts with the Self and by following this simple pre-wedding wellness routine, you’ll be ready as ever to marry the love of your life and share that love with your family and friends.


About Alexandra 

Alexandra Sirocky

NOMaste was founded in 2013 by Alexandra Sirocky, a holistic entrepreneur who embraces a simple approach to living a balanced lifestyle. As a yoga instructor, sound therapist, holistic health coach, retreat leader, artist, photographer, micro-blogger and freelance content curator, her true passion is educating her clients on the importance of SIMPLE self-care. Embracing her mission to “heal yourself, heal the planet,” Alexandra dedicates her work to inspiring a greater sense of global community in service to living in symbiosis.

Follow her on Instagram @nomyogi

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