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10 Ways to Boost Your Mental & Emotional Well-being this Spring

10 Ways to Boost Your Mental & Emotional Well-being this Spring
written by Annette Furio,
Founder + CEO, Season Journals

In many parts of the world, Spring is equivalent to new growth, new beginnings, warmer weather, and the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. 

According to the American Psychological Association, spending time in nature is linked to both cognitive benefits and improvements in mood, mental health, and emotional well-being.

Today, we’re highlighting 10 ways to embrace the outdoors to boost your emotional well-being. What are some of your favorite ways to awaken yourself to the beauty of spring and the outdoors? 

01 / Go for a walk

Start simple! Walking is a great way to get back into the routine of getting outside after the winter thaw. If you’re pressed for time, use your walk to fit in a small errand like grabbing coffee or dropping books off at the library. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

02 / Plant a garden

Visit your local nursery in April and May for all sorts of gardening inspiration. Think about what foods you’d love to cook, herbs you’d like to season your food or garnish your cocktails, or colorful blooms you’d like to grace your yard. Container gardening can be great for small backyards, patios, or porches. If you’re a more advanced gardener, feel free to go all out with your garden plan! 

03 / Visit a dog park

Sometimes pet therapy can be the best kind of therapy. Scope out your local dog park and head there on a sunny day to play with some furry friends. No furry friend of your own? No problem! Many dog owners will gladly start up a conversation, and most pups are always interested in more scritches.

04 / Dine al fresco

Patio season has arrived! Opt for outdoor seating at the next restaurant you visit. On a good-weather day, dining with a chilled glass of your favorite beverage can be a most relaxing and cherished ritual for spring and summer.

outdoor dining

05 / Attend a sporting event

Nothing brings people together outdoors like a sporting event. If sports light you up, make sure you snag tickets to cheer on your favorite teams this spring and summer. The energy and excitement of a big sporting event can be a great way to get outside and feel alive.

06 / Shop your local farmers market

If you’d rather leave the gardening and harvesting to the pros, you can visit your local farmers market each weekend to pick up the freshest produce you can find. Try some new foods, talk to the vendors about their businesses, and enjoy your time outside.

farmers market

07 / Take your workout outside

Are you tired of treadmill and stationary bike workouts? Time to hit the pavement or trails! Invest in the right gear for outdoor workouts like reflective gear, hydration packs, and a good playlist or book, and hop to it!

08 / Explore your nearest state park

Use the State Parks website to locate the parks in your state. Take a day or half-day trip to experience nature in our beautiful parks. If you can sneak away during the weekday, you’ll have even more of a peaceful experience with smaller crowds. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, take a weekend road trip to your neighboring states and their parks.

09 / Go on a photo scavenger hunt

Start in a centralized location and make your way out on a scavenger hunt, taking photos along the way. Pinterest is full of example scavenger hunt lists, or you can make your own. You can base your hunt around a theme, such as flowers, architecture, hand-painted signs, or portraits of people. Use whatever camera you have! 

woman with camera

10 / Host a garage sale

It’s always a win when something is reused or recycled. Selling the items you no longer need or want in your home is a great way to elongate the lifespan of your physical things. Think about what you’d like to clear out to create more space and peace in your home environment. Then, set up your garage sale. It’s a great way to get outside for the day, meet your neighbors, and give your items new life. 

About Annette

Annette is the Founder and CEO of Season Journals. She creates, writes, and designs guided journals for the seasons of our lives. She also publishes the Season blog and oversees marketing, sales, partnerships, and operations at Season. She has a true entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the intersection of business and people.

Photo by Lauren Pennington Photography

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