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Keeping up your relationship wellness

Keeping up your relationship wellness

It’s safe to say many aspects of relationships are a little heightened this week. Even though Spring weather is coming to many parts of the country, we still might be stuck inside the majority of the time… and leaning on those relationship tips and tricks a little more. Here are some ways to manage common scenarios we might be experiencing: 

Long-distance Relationships

  • Simply keep up your regular phone calls or video chats 
  • Surprise and delight with unexpected gestures of love
  • Send them snail mail
  • Send them The Engagement Journal
  • Make a bucket list together
  • Dream up a fun activity or vacation that you’ll plan down the road (It’s always nice to have something to look forward to, even if you can’t do it right now.)


If you’re an extrovert that thrives on that human interaction, you’re going to have to get creative here.

  • Schedule a virtual happy hour, dinner party, or game night with a group of friends 
  • Call your loved ones, especially the elders in your life
  • Go for a walk and say ‘hello’ as you pass others

Read more on the effects of loneliness.

Close Quarters

Set boundaries that may not have existed before. This goes for spouses, fiancées, pets, kids, etc. Nobody’s expecting you to be the most productive you’ve ever been, but if you don’t impose boundaries for yourself, someone will likely impose them on you.

Set boundaries around:

  • Time: Ask, “Is now a good time...?”
  • Space: Dedicate rooms or areas for your working, eating and leisure space
  • Routines: Schedule activities that you don’t want to compromise in your routine, such as cooking dinner, working out, taking a walk, taking a coffee break, etc.
  • Alone time: Use indicators such as headphones to suggest that you’d like some alone time

We’re all in this together, so remember: be kind to others and give yourself some grace!

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