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Mini Memoir: Ryann & Scott

Mini Memoir: Ryann & Scott
photography by Ariel Kuhn Photography


Names and cities of residence:

Ryann: Columbus, Ohio

Scott: Dublin, Ohio

When did you get engaged? 

June 16, 2021

What have you enjoyed most about being engaged?

R: Getting to talk about our future together and spending more time with each other's family! 

S: Growing closer to one other and celebrating with our friends and family!

What are you most looking forward to on the wedding day or wedding weekend celebration?

R: Being MARRIED and spending time with 300 of our closest friends and family!

S: Getting to see my bride walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress knowing that she’ll be mine forever and celebrating with everyone! 


Ryann and Scott Engagement Photos


What traditions are you carrying through to your wedding, or what traditions are you starting yourselves? 

R: We are not doing a first look and we will have two flower girls, a ring bearer and a “Something Blue Crew” consisting of other littles who will dress in blue acting as my “Something Blue” who we want to be a part of our big day! 

S: We will be getting married on a rug that we picked out together. That rug will then be in our family room and will be a reminder of our commitment to loving each other every time we’re in the room. 

What memories or moments do you want to make sure you document?

R: Walking down the aisle and seeing Scott’s reaction — without a first look, this will be the first time he sees me all day! 

S: Our vows, as we won’t have shared them beforehand and they are an expression of our love and commitment to each other. I’d also like pictures and videos of us dancing! 


Ryann and Scott Engagement Photos

What is one thing you learned about one other during your engagement season thus far?

R: I am very eager to plan anything and everything. Scott is very much a one-task-at-a-time type of guy! 

S: I learned that there is beauty in both the eye for detail that Ryann has, as well as in the simplicity that I tend to focus on. 

What is one way you want to make your wedding “your own”?

S: We’re having people we know and love be those who are involved in the wedding — from the officiant, to the photographer, to the DJ and videographer. It’s going to be a special day!



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