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A Q&A with Britt of Britt Lunt Photography

A Q&A with Britt of Britt Lunt Photography
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“This season is what we waited and prayed so long for. It fills my heart with so much joy, to get to be on the other side. To know each other on such a deep and real level.”

We chatted with Britt Lunt of Britt Lunt Photography, a Cincinnati-based wedding photographer and newlywed, to talk about her transition to married life and reflect on her season of engagement. Britt and her husband Stephen were married on September 4, 2023. 


What season of life do you find yourself in right now?

I would say I’m in the newlywed season and also the start of my busy season. Our first months of marriage were so sweet because I was able to take time off during the beginning of the year to refresh, soak in, and really cherish the newlywed season. I’m super thankful for the slowness we were able to experience. 


What words would you use to describe your engagement? 

My first word is “sweet.” After dating for 3.5 years, it felt like an answered prayer and we were reminded about how sweet it was. I would also say “filled.” We had a short engagement of 5.5 months, and in that time span we got engaged, I graduated from college, and I went full-time with my photography business. It was nonstop. That’s why the Engagement Journal was so cool to have. Without the means and encouragement to slow down, it would have gone by super fast, and I wouldn’t have been as present in the moment. 



How did you prepare for married life during your engagement? 

We did premarital counseling with our officiant and his wife. We met with them over six weeks and talked about finances, expectations, parenthood...the big-hitting questions. It was really encouraging to see how much we were already on the same page about these things.


How did you use the Engagement Journal during your engagement? 

We went through it as we knocked out some of our planning tasks. After we had booked our venue and photographer, we started to slow down a bit more to think about how we wanted to feel and how to make the wedding unique to us. We went through the Intentional Planning section and actually thought through what we wanted our day to look like. After that, we went as things came up. It’s so sweet to look back through. 


Did you have a favorite part or a section you found most useful?

The Intentional Planning section was a favorite because it allowed us to slow down and not just look at what was trendy at the time. We actually reflected on what is going to make this day feel most like us, and think about what we want to include for that reason. The Memorable Moments part was also fun. I wrote down all the memories of my bachelorette and bridal shower. 



Did being in the wedding industry influence your engagement or wedding planning in any way? 

I think it did, both subconsciously and consciously. It helped me to know what I wanted our day to be like. I’ve seen a lot, both good and bad. We knew we wanted to prioritize being super present on the wedding day and center the day around what was most important to us. We offloaded a lot to our moms and bridal party and tried to incorporate elements that made us slow down — we wrote each other letters, did a first touch, and prayed together. 


How did you make your wedding day unique to you? 

We had coffee and bottled lattes at our cocktail hour because our first date was at a coffee shop. We were able to use our friend’s coffee truck, so it was nice to be able to both support her and think back on our first date. We also had two of our good friends play the piano and sing, including the song I was set on walking down the aisle to. Having them perform it live for us was so, so sweet. 


What advice would you give to others when trying to plan an intentional, authentic wedding? 

My biggest piece of advice is to take as much time during the week of your wedding to step back from your work and other responsibilities, if possible. Do things that fill your heart with joy and spread them throughout the week. Finish your planning two weeks before your wedding day. I felt this desire to do all the details earlier so I didn’t have to think about last-minute things that final week.

Another piece of advice is to give your phone to someone in your bridal party on the wedding day. My Maids of Honor handled texting people, responding to messages, and taking photos and videos all day. The next day I got to go through all the pictures and videos on my own phone, which was really sweet. 



What are your favorite ways to connect with your husband in married life?

We both work from home, so we really like going on walks around our apartment once we finish work for the day. We also love shooting hoops. Stephen is a basketball coach, so we’ll go to the high school and have a 3-point shooting competition. We enjoy having a super simple date night, like going to dinner and coming home and watching a movie. We like to get out of the apartment, talk, connect, and feel like we’re dating again. 


Have you had any new insights into your relationship since getting married? 

We didn’t live together before we were married, so it was super new to see each others’ day-to-day routines. And we are so giddy about getting all this time together! We each had roommates and friends and college and family and all these other distractions from quality time before. We now have a surplus of time together and we’re so happy about it. We have a much deeper relationship now, post-marriage. I think about it on a daily basis. This season is what we waited and prayed so long for. We get to live it. It fills my heart with so much joy, to get to be on the other side. How worth waiting for it was. To know each other on such a deep and real level. 

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