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15+ Journal Prompt Questions for Everyone

15+ Journal Prompt Questions for Everyone

Questions to encourage you to look inward and outward. For anyone, in any season. 


  1. What are three “default mindsets” that you have?
    A default mindset is something that you have been taught by parents or society at large that you’ve accepted as fact without thinking much about it. They can be positive or negative – the goal is to acknowledge them and understand if they serve us as positive or negative mindsets for you, personally. 
  2. When you start your day, are you reacting to external tasks defined by someone else? Or are you proactive in deciding where your effort goes? How do you feel about that reality? Would you change it or have it stay the same? 
  3. How do you feel about working from home? How do you feel about going back to your workplace environment? For those that apply.
  4. What is one new habit you’ve started in 2020 – due to the coronavirus or for other reasons – that you’d like to keep? What is one habit you’d like to change?
  5. How can you build a “renewal” habit into each day?
    A renewal habit is something that allows your body and mind to reset. Examples can include getting a better sleep, taking a 20-minute walk, or having alone time in nature. 

“What I do every day matters more than what I do every once in a while.”

Gretchen Rubin, Manage Your Day-To-Day


  1. When, where, and with whom do I feel most like myself? With my friends? With my partner? When I am by myself?
  2. What is my favorite way to give to others? 
  3. How do I best receive love and/or acceptance from others?
  4. Who is someone I miss that I can use this opportunity to reconnect with?
  5. What is something I want to do, but fear doing it because of how I think someone will react? How do I think they will react? Why is their reaction important to me?  

“Actions create effects...if we give energy to making ourselves healthier, more whole, and less selfish, we become genuinely ready for relationships that can work for us.”

– Baron Baptiste, 40 Days to Personal Revolution



  1. What is the most general emotion that comes up when you think of the world today? 
  2. Are there any specific events, people, realities, opinions, facts that are causing you to feel this way?
  3. Do you feel energized and empowered, drained and stressed, or a combination of both?  
  4. How can you get involved or take action to minimize your stress and anxiety? 
  5. What are three positive things in the world today that give you hope? 

“Stress is particularly acute when you’re experiencing a situation that is outside of your control.”

Dr. Kerry Ressler, Harvard Medical School, Surviving tumultuous times


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