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An Open Letter from a Bridal Coach

An Open Letter from a Bridal Coach
written by jenn leigh, life coach

Dear Gorgeous Bride,

I have something I want to share with you that may shift how you’re feeling right now. Are you ready for this truth bomb?! Most designer dress sizes do not run true to size, so if you are going to base your self worth on that, then you may want to consider this.

My dress size was multiple sizes bigger than my regular size..hello hourglass ;) And I had to get a ton of alterations. If I had based my self worth off of the size of my dress, my whole experience would have been completely different. I didn’t let the size bother me. I just wanted my dream dress to fit properly and I did not care what the size was. I wasn’t making the size mean anything about me. This was a real game-changer. When you separate yourself from the dress size or the number on the scale, everything shifts. You are whole—just as you are. No number will define who you are.

When many brides get engaged, they go into overdrive and feel like they are running against the clock to feel their best. They never feel like they have enough time to get everything done on their checklist, which sends them into a frantic cycle of stress, overwhelm, and burnout. Have you ever felt like this? It’s okay if you have. Now is your chance to choose to see this differently. It’s time to redefine your worth.

What if you were already worthy? (Hint you already are...you were born worthy.)

What if you loved and accepted yourself just as you are—right now in this moment?!

I love to help brides reframe how they feel about themselves during their wedding planning so they can become their most confident version of themselves while having so much fun and being present throughout it all.

This is such a special time in your life that you may only experience once, so why not enjoy every single moment of it and love yourself every step of the way?!

I believe that self love and self acceptance are the foundation for staying true to yourself throughout your planning. Do not get caught up in all the “should dos” and “supposed tos” you’re hearing from others.


Jenn Leigh Light Up List


I encourage brides to create a “light up list” of activities that bring them joy and recommend picking one activity off of the list every day to do for at least 5-10 minutes. I know you will start to feel better and will want to increase the time before you know it. 

Some examples of these activities are going for a nature walk, having a solo dance party to your favorite playlist, taking a bubble bath, adding rose petals to your bath, meditating, or journaling. There is no right or wrong here. The key is to find what “lights you up” because this will fill you up, and when you interact with others, you will respond with love instead of react out of fear, judgement, or attack.

This shifts everything for you in your planning and creates a beautiful ripple effect to everyone around you, including your fiancé, bridesmaids, friends, and family!

Always remember that this is your time to shine, so give yourself permission to do so and don’t worry if you seem like a bridezilla...you’re not. That’s just a silly term anyways, right?!

You will glow, and people will start noticing! They may even ask you what you’ve been up to. And you can say “oh you know, just working off of my light up list!” 

I truly wish you so much (self) love, joy, magic, and happiness throughout your engagement, wedding, and beyond! Congratulations, beautiful. You got this!



Your bridal coach,
Jenn Leigh


About Jenn Leigh


Jenn Leigh

Jenn Leigh is a bridal coach and self love expert. She empowers brides to find their voice and ignite their inner confidence so they can build trust in themselves, gain clarity around their desires, let go of people pleasing, and create the wedding of THEIR dreams, not someone else’s. She helps them reframe how it feels to plan a wedding, shifting from a state of feeling stress, anxiety, and overwhelm to experiencing fun, joy, and ease. She helps brides become the best version of themselves so they can walk down the aisle confidently and be fully present in all the special bridal moments. 


Find out more about Jenn and her offers at www.jennleigh.com. Let’s connect @xoxojennleigh on Instagram and Facebook!


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