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The Seven Dimensions of Wellness & How to Make Them a Priority

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness & How to Make Them a Priority
Written & Photographed by Lauren Pennington

This past year has provided a lot of new challenges, and has also caused many of us to reevaluate the ways we go about our lives. This idea of wellness, and taking time apart to care for ourselves became a new concept for me during quarantine last March. Since then, balancing the areas of wellness in my life has radically changed my decisions, thought process, and overall demeanor.

There are seven dimensions of wellness— physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, and occupational—which best work together when balanced equally. If we choose to prioritize these dimensions of wellness, the result can radically change us.

Physical Wellness

Taking care of our bodies is crucial. A healthy lifestyle can positively help our moods and outlook on life. Start today by finding ways to incorporate movement into your daily schedule. Take a walk after work or try that new HIIT workout that always intimidated you. Working out isn’t about  trying to fit a society’s mold, it’s about letting your body do what it’s designed to do. The same goes for fueling our bodies. Put in foods that give your body energy and nutrients. Diet culture has become very toxic and has taken away some of the joy of eating foods. Eating whole foods that taste good is what to strive for. 

Lauren Pennington Photography

Emotional Wellness

When was the last time you checked in on yourself? Addressing your emotions and communicating with others is a huge part of our emotional wellbeing. Take time out of your day to ask yourself how you’re doing. Processing what type of emotions you felt throughout your day can help you better understand yourself and how you respond to events. Continue to  give yourself grace and let your core group of people speak truths into your life. 

Intellectual Wellness 

There is a desire to learn and grow in all of us. Learning about the world around us causes us to grow in our intellectual wellness. By reading books or taking courses you’re interested in, you’re giving back to yourself. Take today and write a list of some things you want to learn this year. Are you interested in cooking or philosophy? Ask yourself questions and see what best stimulates your brain. 

Social Wellness

Plan a day or night out with friends.  Grab a coffee or get dinner and spend quality time with the people in your life that care for you. Go deep with these people you trust and allow yourself to experience freedom in your social wellness. Friendships and community are so important because intentional time with others is where we are able to be seen and known. 

Spiritual Wellness

Sit in each moment and remember to be present. Take time away from all your distractions and meditate on your life. Ask yourself questions about how you’re wired and what you need to feel spiritually fulfilled. A deeper understanding of yourself and your surroundings help each of us grow in our spiritual wellness. 

Lauren Pennington Photography

Environmental Wellness

Take time in your weekly schedule to take care of the things in your space. Clean your house, light a candle, shop sustainability, the list goes on. Taking care of your environment brings a sense of calm when you’re occupying the space. Coming home to this peaceful environment will be better for your overall wellness now and in the future.

Occupational Wellness

Create a vision about the type of work you want to do. Knowing how you’re wired and what field is the best fit for you helps you discover what occupation will bring drive and inspiration to your life. Are you in a job where you’re craving more? Learn a new skill set or start a job on the side that fulfills your passions and dreams. Occupational wellness is designed to help you discover that work can be meaningful, and is just important as any other dimension of wellness. 

These Dimensions of Wellness are here to help each of us become balanced and to enjoy this life to the full. Take two or three of these sections that stuck out to you and start there. Wellness is a process, so take it slow and see your life slowly become transformed. 

About Lauren Pennington

Lauren Pennington

Lauren is the Social Media Coordinator & a content creator at Season Journals. She is studying Communications, New Media Technology, and Studio Art at The Ohio State University. She loves to create and vision cast, and social media is her favorite outlet for that. Lauren also runs her own photography business, Lauren Pennington Photography. She is a huge fan of capturing moments that bring people together. Lauren resides in Columbus, Ohio with close friends and enjoys spontaneous adventures, photoshoots, and journaling.



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  • Beth Kerechanin

    What a beautiful post! You definitely inspired me to work on my spiritual wellness. I’m thinking fireside yoga tonight. Your photography is stunning as well! We would love to have you photograph our family sometime. Keeping awesome friends!

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