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Mini Memoir: Brandon & Melissa

“Treat your wedding like the most fun project you've ever worked on together. Lean on each other and make it a joint effort. It is basically a huge team-building exercise that can help you figure out how to work well together for years to come!”

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Good News for Couples:
Have the Wedding You Want

So many couples who planned their dream weddings for 2020 are now being faced with a hard choice. Do they keep their original wedding date, or do they postpone it till next year? BUT there is one more option that I think a lot of couples are forgetting.

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Crafting an Organic & Authentic Wedding: A Giveaway!

We are so excited to partner with Reagan Canaday Events to gift The Engagement Journal to a lucky winner!  Reagan offers an organic approach to wedding and event planning. She looks to nature for design inspiration and appreciates an effortless aesthetic.   

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